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Exclusive handmade Italian products.

Beautifully crafted leather, brought to you by e-tas

books Online purchases over €300 will receive a unique and limited edition Handmade Italian Leather Notebook worth €95.

Satchel Leather Handbag

Satchel Leather Handbag

“Entirely handmade by prestigious Italian artisans”
“Timeless design embracing romantic beauty"
“Combination of Tuscan sublime tranquility”


Cuoio Leather Baguette Bag

Cuoio Leather Baguette Bag

“Renowned Tuscan’s belief: simple is the best”
“Transcendent, clean-cut baguette design”
“Prominent Italian handmade stitching”


Boxy Leather Handbag

Boxy Leather Handbag

“Pure reflection of Italian style of elegancy”
“Earthly-coloured accents - true remembrance to Tuscan natural beauty”
“Enthralling geometric design – an indispensable fashion accessory”


Leather Briefcase

Leather Briefcase

“Aristocratic, noble Italian design”
“Genteel scholastic essence”
“Artistic adornment to individual personality”



Elite Italian Leather Collection!

2013 collection

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